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  1. I forgot I had a radio station… now that’s stupid!

  2. Rock– I’m in part 2 of My Big Adventure. Out of the vog of the Big Island (volcanic ash), in Berkeley, en route to New MExico, trying to tune in to your station and cant seem to get it to finish ‘buffering’ . Also getting ready to carve our pumpkin and head into town. Guess what? SF has passed a law that they’re shutting down Halloween in the Castro district because last year it was pretty violent. So the restaurants are closed, parties are forbidden, etc…. OK. Will keep trying on your radio station.
    Love, Tec Challened Girl

  3. it’s me, i’m here, and i’m trippin my tits off reading about the cancer stuff!
    how dare one of you get cancer and not ask me first?
    now i must backread and backread with diligence and great speed.

    yes, i lost yer damn url. fuckin shoot me.

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