back yard at home

back yard at home

Haven’t been blogging at all this summer, but I’ve been painting hard and working on some fiction. Best days were out of Huck Finn on the river, with some downtown headbanging nights I sorely needed too. Chilly tonight in the sunroom. Dark by eight thirty. A few changes around here, depth charges, time bombs going off, but nothing drastically awful. The unkillable Bill had a mild heart attack and a stent job and I fell in ridiculous love but I’ll spare you the details. He’s back playing hockey as of tonight and I too, in my plodding fashion, have my stick on the ice. He was kind enough not to point out who did most of the chest clutching this summer. Things are good.

I’m writing some fiction, pretty awful stuff for the most part, and focusing on painting portraits in the new economy. Keeps the chops up and you might as well paint what you love, eh, you’ll be looking at her for a while in this market. Etcetera.

Put some stuff in a nice little shop in Peterborough at a place called The Blue Tomato Art Shop, really nice people, a calm informal place. I’m too isolated in the low north here to sell out of the studio anymore. Dealer interest welcome etc. But read around here before you get in touch so you know what you’re getting. We don’t want any sad surprises.

Anyway, I’m back. Don’t know where I’ll take this thing next, but changes are due. I have a few new writers for friends and I’m thinking I’d like to publish some fiction here. We’ll see.

For now I’d really like to embed the following youtube link to a video sent me this morning. Be sure to check out the rest of the lad’s stuff. He covers a Beyonce tune that’d break your heart.

Hope you all had a lovely summer, and you’re counting your blessings. I know I am. Special thanks to Anthony Rego and SLP for their attitudes and brains.

On with it.


~ by Rocky Green on August 27, 2009.

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