Bill’s Election rant–u.s. dub

Don’t do it.

Elect another republican president, that is.

Especially one that’s old enough to die in office and leave a lunatic in charge.

Say what you want to about Georgie boy, but at least you know he doesn’t understand a good chunk of the things he’s being teleprompted to say, and you can bet he doesn’t believe any of it. But this new kid on the block ? Holy fuck, she BELIEVES the drivel she’s spouting whenever her new handlers let her near a microphone.

And what drivel. America is fighting god’s war in Eyerack, every sperm is sacred, her daughter will live happily ever after with her baby and maybe the guy who knocked her up, Russia needs to be bitch slapped in her own backyard because the u.s. isn’t involved in enough wars already, books should be banned if they conflict with conservative American Christian interpretation of the bible and librarians fired if they dare to disagree, it’s ok to have your former in-laws fired from their govt jobs because you don’t like them anymore, and, oh, yeah, she should be the moral compass of her nation because she’s got such a great sense of , well, everything. And she’s a hockey mom, sending off one of her own to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11, which qualifies her to be commander in chief of the armed forces (as stated in her first interview since the convention) because she says so and because you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, right ? Case closed.

If there is a god, do you really think this is who it wants as its’ representative in this remote backwater of the universe ? She, apparently, does. Personally, I think she’s the secret love child of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and that she should be doubled wrapped in straitjackets and sent back to Alaska to be set off on an small iceberg to prevent any further damage to a country that’s had more than it’s share of righteous idiots running the show. Just my opinion, mind you, and not legally tenable, but I’m really fed up with the dumbass decisionmakers who are really just bad, but decisive, guessers and to see yet another one being brought aboard the good ship “Jolly McCain” is too much to bear without making me think it might be time to go get the grapefruit spoon and give myself a lobotomy so I’m finally on an intellectually level playing field with these stupid fucks.

As for Mr. McCain, I think it safe to say that most of what he has to offer is already on show with the current administration. More war backed by the politics of fear and a longing for the good old days of the cold war combined with an ideological framework that views the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan within a paradigm comparable to that of Vietnam, not recognizing that the conflicts that will continue have more to do with evicting the latest and hopefully last of the foreign colonial aspirants than anything regarding that armies stated ideology or way of life. Stated simply, they want the u.s. and what’s left of its’ coalition of the willing to go home for practical reasons. Namely so they can get on with the messy business of civil war, the idea being that they can finally determine who gets what in their own lands, and that the new territories/nations or whatever emerges are a result of local rather than foreign interests. And as a bonus they won’t have to listen to a bunch of malarkey about freedom and democracy .

But I have to admit that his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate was at least in keeping with his self-perpetuating vision of himself as a political maverick. O.k., pardner, DRAW !! Take that, Obama ! Pow !! Take that, Hillary ! Bang !! Gotcha, liberal media pundits ! Take a look at this hot tamale from Alaska ! Betcha didn’t see this one comin’ , gives me the christian right and Hillary’s chick vote all in one ! Whooee!!! And she’s a looker !! Fuck the issues, I’ll give ’em entertainment and then it’s on to the White House. Mission Accomplished.

Sorry, but no. It’s time to give somebody who has a real education a shot. Somebody intelligent who can understand both the issues he’ll be dealing with as well as the nuanced arguments surrounding those issues, not to mention the possible outcomes of decisions arrived at with consultation with experts whose council he will seek after actually reading the intelligence reports provided by each of the departments concerned with security and foreign relations on a daily basis. Somebody smart enough to look further into the future than their time in office and to use the opportunity of that office to begin the process of repairing the damage to both the reputation of the u.s. abroad and to the actual damage this little fiasco in the middle east has caused both abroad and at home. Somebody who knows how to play nice without being a pushover, somebody who might be able to get his country to engage with the rest of the world in a manner consistent with both the best ideals of his people and with the realities of the emergent realpolitik in what I can only think of as a post modern middle east. And somebody who realizes that the only way to prepare for the future is to be prepared for change, and not just as a slogan. And that the biggest and best change of all will be the one that begins the process of weaning our culture and economy from the diet of oil to which we are addicted, benefiting the health of the planet and the peoples who have been the victims of our ruthless quest for the high provided by petroleum and its various products.

And let’s not kid ourselves here. We’re addicts, and oil is our drug of choice. And we’re doing what any addict who’s faced with the slow ending of their supply line does to make sure their own supply line stays alive as long as possible–breaking into other peoples places to steal whatever we can to get more of it, unconcerned with the effect our behavior is having on anybody else and acting amorally with regard to our addiction. And rationalizing our behavior both internally and externally as necessary to our way of life and therefore beyond moral qualification. And fuck you to anybody else, bubba.

And if you don’t think oil is a drug to us, think about this : you put some gas in your car and punch the accelerator and BAM you’re doing 100 mph. ZOOM. If that’s not a high, I don’t know what is, and I’ve done a little research into that area. Not only that, but as a culture we rely on our habit in so many ways that it’s difficult to begin to imagine what our life will become once the oil runs out, which it surely will at some point in the next 70-120 years or so. Think about how fast our lives have become since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Prior societies had lived for generations mostly within walking distance of their birthplace, and culture, entertainment and everything one needed in life was provided locally. There were no phones, electricity was a relatively new marvel and travel was either on foot, horseback or carriage. A trip to the next village, perhaps 15 or 20 kms away, was an adventure , and anything farther was beyond the means of most people.

Now, we get upset because our drive to work takes 45 minutes, and we’re going 120 km/hr. If you’d predicted that we’d be able to do that 200 years ago you’d have been charitably branded a lunatic, or perhaps a witch.

Times change.

Arabs have a saying that goes something like this : My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son flies an airplane. His son will ride a camel.

Times change.

So can governments.


~ by Rocky Green on September 17, 2008.

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