Invitation to a March Sixth Show

All the While
Bill Batten and Rocky Green


Opening: March 6, 6 to 9 p.m.
Showing: March 5 to March 30.

poster-march-pentimento_html_m1bf92791.jpg imgp0034.jpg



Text from Bill Batten:


“Working with Rocky over the past 13-14 years has proved to be the better part of my formal education. Ironically, I think the fact that we each have a profound physical aversion to the other’s chosen medium has impacted the ways in which we work because it has forced us to consider not only why we use what we do, but to be aware of the possibilities and limitations inherent in the materials and their relationship to our choices of subject matter, scale, etc.
I always like seeing our work together in shows because the paintings seem to have a dialogue that echoes our conversations. We tend to have similar formal concerns and starting points in our work, though the directions we take often seem divergent. This too, comes back to the differing media in which we work, though our ongoing studio collaboration makes it evident that we both look to the others process to find inspiration and a greater understanding of our own concerns.
It is a rare occurrence to find an artist and/or a friend with whom one can have an open, critical and supportive relationship without competitive jealousies cropping up now and again. With Rocky, I have not only this, but also the push to keep extending myself as an artist and as a person. I consider it an honor to share the same wall space again, and look forward to more of the same in future shows.”




Text from Rocky Green:


“I’m mostly self trained, a redneck with pretensions, but I’ve always been lucky enough to have good, patient artists around me. Writers too. The first artists I met worked in chalk, were street portrait painters in San Francisco so I’ve always admired chalk painters for sentimental and technical reasons . I don’t paint to survive a holocaust and I’ve always admired the fragility of paper and chalk. Just dust.
Sometimes a painting is nothing but an endless seeming progression of corrections for me. Working alongside Bill, watching the necessary decisiveness of his gestures in chalks, proves corrective. I can’t achieve that pure pastels pigment colour in paint, and the touch of chalk gives me the willies, so Bill’s work refreshes me. It pushes me. So far as subject matter runs, I paint to illustrate my private fiction…My vision is illustrative and sentimental. For personal viewing pleasure I prefer nonrepresentational marks. Again, Bill’s company is corrective. And a pleasure. He’s always a gentleman.”

Pentimento Gallery
1164 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4M1L4.
(416) 406-6772
Wed. – Sun., noon to 6 p.m. or by appointment



~ by Rocky Green on March 2, 2008.

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