Anubis in Winter


God you know it’s winter when you’re sitting by the wood stove having actually gotten a lot of real droning unglamorous jobs done and you’re listening to Emmy lou Harris sing about the beautiful Tennessee Waltz just after dark with that horrid cat on your knee with her claws digging in if you even so much as consider reaching for your tea let alone a guitar and the floor a wet mess from boots and dogs in and out happily enough and ashes, ashes, ashes, as bert would say but keep your boots on. No, no really. You can feel the cold creeping in about waist deep and the stove’s just chugging. Been in a holding pattern, circling and considering. Finally lighted to the canvas and the screen today. Every time I go to sleep I dream I’m hanging out on a beach with the Egyptian jackal god Anubis. Really, go figure. We talk about how lonesome he is in his work but he can’t really give it up. Not much else he’s good for. When he’s still he’s an ebony statue of a dog and when he moves about he’s kind of a dingo. So you can imagine the rapid eye movement. This is drug free sleep other than a cold pill. I was ripping music last night and set it up to rip the wrong station so there’s all this country and western music interspersed among the elevator music for doped up yuppies. Alison Krauss sounding just like my mother used to do when she’d stand at the kitchen sink and sing hymns out the window. Corn pone memories. Johnny Cash on eight track memories, a far cry from here. Nowadays people drop by to check out their profiles on Adult Friend Finder on their way home from work to the main squeeze going into the weekend. In the main house Gail’s watching a dvd about how it is possible to create your own reality by right thought. I’ve read the accompanying text… likely smeared it with peanut butter and raspberry jelly. There are respectable left wing Hollywood actors involved. Works for me.


~ by Rocky Green on January 26, 2007.

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