From “Anglican Cowgirls”

“The Bitch”

“Engine gunning, the old car rolled cautiously out of the church driveway and with a grumble of power lurched into the flashing traffic. Katherine winced at the angry noise of braking and honking, but she watched until the car was over the rise and out of sight, hardly aware of the vague prayer at the back of her mind. It was the same half-articulated wish she made on the first star of an evening, on the snap of a wishbone, or when travelling, at sight of a pasturing white horse she would lick two fingers, slap her wrist and stomp the opposite foot, and thereby assure a safe journey, a welcome return, good health, long life, happiness, general prosperity and the occasional box of chocolates for everybody. It was, truly, a charm for herself; a dodging of the evil eye, black cats, drunk drivers, but she had learned to couch it in a larger concern for all mankind, to remember the hungry heathen, having been taught that the Deity frowned on greedy girls who asked only for Barbara-Ann Scott dolls and clear complexions. She’d have been embarrassed to think of it as a prayer.”


~ by Rocky Green on December 12, 2006.

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