… this is an old site I use as an archive. feel free. My current main blog is now at … this is an old site I use as an archive. feel free. My current blog is now at 

Welcome. This is your basic arts site. The place sprawls; if you hit the white redneckarts at the top of any page it’ll bring you right back here.

The paintings and photos here are by Bill Batten and Rocky Green, guys from Ontario, in Canada *. We’ve painted and shown together some time.

Bill’s work is in chalk and Rock uses various paints.

This blog covers our last year or so of living, meantimes blogging away like maniacs and trying to get some painting done too. You can view and read us one at a time at the links below.

see rock’s stuff


See Bill’s paintings and some writing here:


Much obliged. Rock There are some found photos about. Any usage problems, get in touch. this site may contain aboriginal nudity…



12 Responses to “redneckarts”

  1. Rock;
    A man I desire who i follow when you have a show, I can remember the day I walk in alone at your studio on Simcoe street many years ago, i didn’t want to leave. I love the desire of you painted naked men. But when my partner and I went to your show this weekend in Bancroft, we were looking for Bills picture that was in a shop in Lakefield. I am curiuos what has happen to your pictures of more nude models, they intriqe me. I am a gay man, an artist, love your every detail you put in your own pictures, I love the human form.

  2. Hi Rock
    Just checking in, don’t know if you’ve still got my email or not. Back to school next week, doing some drywalling in the studio while waiting for word on the electrical inspection. You should get in touch with Jerome — he’s throwing a 20th anniversary party in late June for the Only, getting together as many current/former staff as possible, should be a good time.
    Frani’s 15 (as of last weekend), but we lost Sal to a car this week, down to 4 now. I’m older, too, feeling it after a busy week of building and all. Not much else going on, drop a line when you can, tell me what you’re up to. Say “hello” to Sean Lee for me, tell him he may be teaching a friend of mine who’s doing paramedic training in Bancroft starting in June, I think.
    Miss ya, love ya,

  3. True words, some unadulterated words dude. Thanks for making my day!

  4. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! :)

    – Marc Shaw

  5. Amazing site. In the past redneck art was usually folk art. Howard Finster and the like. This is a new vision. I think that rednecks are on the cusp of earning a little more respect from society as a whole.

    Andy Greene
    Green Living Tips for Rednecks

    • thank you kindly.. I’ve never really understood why people who live rather on the fringes are derided by folk who aspire or purport to do so… thanks for your online project too.


  6. Hi Rock
    I erased all of my emails and I’m not sure which address to use for you. Can you send me an email from your personal account so I can get in touch with you ? And thanks for the music vids, they shake me up and make my day–even/especially when they make me sob from the beauty of it all.
    Much love

  7. Got it straightened out… more of the mortal coil here, the deeper I dig.

  8. Tried to post something yesterday but don’t see it. Yet again. Christ I hate nexicom. Shittiest internet service provider in Canada.

  9. Painting, typing, painting, jogging in the evening with the ratter, that’s about it. Mail server’s a little iffy of late, been getting mail on a lag of about eight hours. Tax dollars at work, or on holidays perhaps. Anyway, I’m in for the show. Small stuff. Hope the move is going well. Glad to hear you’re back in studio. I think I heard the door opening and closing last night. Just the arbutus bumping mebbe. Thought I’d catch you here if not in mail.

    I’ll be photgraphing the next couple days, the new camera is a gem. Taking some pictures of local graveyard decor… Got a post brewing, not a slap up headside in it. Be down south next week likely. Ken’s coming up for a bit of a break around the eighteenth, stay at the hotel or the cottage. You should too.

    love rock

  10. A lovely evening with you. I walked home feeling glad that you and I are family. I am usually on my porch drinking tea and smoking cigarettes…you are always welcome.

  11. This is such a fine site. I rarely visit it but enjoy poking around it much the same as I like poking around someone’s old shed. I have one of your paintings of a shirtless, jeaned town tough who looks like Arden in front of a barn or maybe it’s a garage. A Bancroft locale no doubt. Reminds me of Smokey Barden’s in Hillsburg. It was in front of the baseball park and around the corner from the rink. Something shiny over there, old tin signs and license plates, bits and sods in pale blue tobacco cans, everywhere something to entrance me. Someone might have an old car or truck in there that they’d be fixing up. A couple of geezers’d be over by the stove playing checkers and maybe somebody’d be watching them. We were in to get our skates sharpened. Really though, we were in so my dad could get caught up on the latest gossip, not entirely a woman’s sport. Smokey used to play hockey. I guess he used to be pretty fast but in my childhood days he’d gone to fat and cigars. For my bright eyes though it was a fascinating place to visit.
    When I was last around they lit on the painting of Cleveland and his guitar. It was lovely to view it again and tonight I’ve put it up as a screen backdrop. It’s stretched out all to hell but is vibrant and enticing still. Tell me the story and if it’s available. And where you are now. But not on here ’cause I’m not likely to find it for a long time. We didn’t go to Smokey Barden’s all that often either. Makes it kind of special when you’re a kid. Love to Bill and all…j

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